Founded in 2004 by Mesut Aygar and Gurkan Demirci, continued to expand by adding Ahmet Küçük in 2006 and Orçun Köken in 2012.Since its establishment, he has been developing projects in the fields of architecture and interior design, and has been implementing and supervising projects. Dem-Ay, creating projects in harmony with the cities and creating functional and aesthetic designs, works gracefully in every step from the first draft of its projects to the last detail and achieves success with a balanced team work.A wide range of works from residential to business centers follows a well-equipped and environmentally friendly line that blends comfort and aesthetics, adapting to modern life.

Dem-Ay Architecture has adopted as a principle to continuously follow the developments of the constantly developing and changing construction technologies and related building components. In this way, by following the latest trends and innovations in their projects, they are carrying out the projects of the future.