Osman Tan Şirketler Grubu - Konya Yolu -En
Konya Yolu, Ankara
Commercial, Office
93500 m2

Located on Mevlana Boulevard, one of the developing arteries of Ankara, the complex is designed as a commercial base and two office blocks. It is connected to the public by the main street, to office masses from the upper level and to student dormitories from the rear entrance. Thus, a rich and dense trade axis was created with different entries and different profiles. The office blocks rising in the form of two towers of 153 and 116 meters contain 102 offices. A monolithic rising glass mass and the white horizontal floors attached to this mass create a holistic design, creating a simple and modern architecture. One of the most important design values of office masses is the uninterrupted balconies surrounding the floors formed behind the white parapets on the floors. In this way, the rest and open spaces needed by the employees in modern office masses are provided. At the same time, this principle has been continued with floor gardens and gallery spaces created on certain floors, creating a massively mobile and functionally rich architecture.