Santra Çayyolu-En
Çayyolu, Ankara
Commercial, Residential, Office
200,000 m2

Santra Çayyolu complex is planned to be the new center of the upper middle class urban sprawl of Çayyolu, Ankara. The site is a steep hill in the intersection of two main arteries connecting the satellite neighborhoods with universities. The sharp topography of the site was a substantial challenge which was embraced as a design indicator. The complex is modeled to transform into the topography itself. Two public squares are created, one on the apex of the hill and one at street level. The entrances of all blocks sit on the hilltop and they strengthen the upper square with cafés, restaurants and urban green. The amphitheater and Lower Square provide a bigger scale public stage for the city. These two hotspots are connected with commercial activity flowing down the hill on the eastern and northern edges of the site. Three residential blocks are situated on the west edge and the inner street of the complex separates them from commercial activity.The landmark tower, which consists of special residential units and home offices, stands in harmony with the upper square. While all high - rise residential blocks spring up from the ground like the fairy chimneys of Göreme, the office block is designed as a glass enclosure standing independently on the upper square, facing the main intersection.