Türk Metal Sendikası-En
Söğütözü, Ankara
Commercial, Office
10,000 m2

Turkish Metal Union Headquarters is planned to be built on the main pedestrian axis of Ankara's commercial district. This axis is busy at all hours due to the presence of high-end restaurants, cafés and bars. Primary design challenge was to create a distinctive building on such a characterized urban context. Entrance of the Union is on the western side of the area, leaving the rest of the ground level for restaurants and for the continuity of the pedestrian axis. Above this food & entertainment themed base, stands the transparent compound of the Union building. The pitched glass façade looks over the lively street, while the continuous metal mesh envelops the compound with a dynamic spiral movement. The simplicity and transparency of the structure along with the metal mesh bestows symbolism while referencing the purpose of the Union, in order to find harmony with the context.